How Does An Ultrasound Work?

An ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to reveal what is inside your uterus. Performing an ultrasound exam during pregnancy is a very safe and painless procedure. This process can also expose the possibility that you may miscarry or have an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy could be life-threatening, so it is vital to identify this risk right away.

3 Reasons Why An Ultrasound Is Important

An ultrasound will help detect necessary information regarding your pregnancy. An ultrasound will:

  1. Confirm that the pregnancy is located within the uterus

  2. Detect a heartbeat

  3. Determine gestational age (or how many weeks pregnant you are)

Your ultrasound results will determine what steps to take next with your pregnancy. It is essential to receive an ultrasound before you make your pregnancy decision.

Receive A Free Ultrasound 

At Echoz, we offer completely free and confidential limited diagnostic ultrasounds for our patients. After a positive pregnancy test result at Echoz, the nurse will determine if and when an ultrasound may be scheduled.

No matter what fears or concerns you have about your unplanned pregnancy, Echoz is here to support you. Consider all your options before making a pregnancy decision.

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