Considering Abortion?

Your situation is unique. Deciding whether or not to have an abortion is complex. Echoz specializes in supporting women and men who are making a difficult pregnancy decision and our compassionate medical staff is here to answer your questions.

Take a moment for yourself. Breathe, clear your mind, gather your thoughts and questions. You have time to consider all options available to you. Our staff is here to listen and give you the information you need to make an informed decision. No cost. No pressure.

You owe it to yourself to get answers to your questions, weigh the alternatives, and consider how this decision may impact your future. Call to schedule an appointment with our medical team today or if you simply want to talk to someone about your situation.

Am I really pregnant?

A positive pregnancy test does not always indicate a sustainable pregnancy. A significant percentage of pregnancies end on their own, natural miscarriage. An ultrasound confirms whether or not you’re really pregnant. It will also inform you if your pregnancy requires immediate medical attention. This valuable information will help you better understand what options are available to you.

How far along am I?

This information is vital to your pregnancy decision. Learning exactly how far along you are determines what type of abortion you could get and how much it will cost you. An ultrasound at Echoz can give you an accurate measure of how far along you are.

You may also be interested in knowing:

  • What kinds of abortions are available to you?

  • What are your rights with abortion providers?

  • Are there any short-term or long-term risks to consider?

Talk to our medical team today to learn more about your abortion option. It’s essential to know more about the process and how it will affect your future.

Be Informed

Echoz provides a safe and confidential opportunity to educate yourself and decide what’s best for you. We are committed to providing you with evidence based medical information so you can make an informed choice regarding your pregnancy. Schedule an appointment with Echoz today.

We do not provide extended OB/GYN or pre-natal care, birth control prescriptions or devices, fertility testing, abortion services, or referrals for abortion.