“How Do I Know If I Am Pregnant?”

Symptoms of pregnancy are different for every woman. Some women may even experience no symptoms at all. The most common pregnancy symptom is a missed period. Other common symptoms of early pregnancy include:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Tender/swollen breasts
  • Spotting
  • Aversion to certain foods
  • Cramping
  • Mood swings

If you experience one or a few of these symptoms, you may be pregnant. The only way to truly know if you’re pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. At Echoz, we provide free pregnancy testing to confirm pregnancy. While an at-home test has high accuracy, you still want to take a medically verified pregnancy test to be sure.

“When Should I Take A Pregnancy Test?”

The best time to take a pregnancy test is two weeks after your missed period. During this time, 90% of pregnancy tests are accurate. If you still have questions or concerns about pregnancy testing, talk to us today.

“Why Do I Need An Ultrasound?”

An ultrasound is vital to receive before making your pregnancy decision. Ultrasounds detect key information to confirm your pregnancy. During an ultrasound, you see how far along you are, the location of your pregnancy in your uterus, and the viability of your pregnancy. Here is more information about the ultrasound process.

“What Are The Risks of Abortion?”

There are many serious risks to be aware of before proceeding with your option of abortion. Here are some of the most common risks:

  • abdominal cramps
  • light vaginal bleeding
  • nausea and vomiting
  • sore breasts
  • fatigue

“How Much Will My Appointment Cost?”

We help every woman and man facing a pregnancy with the support they need during this time. All of our services and resources at Echoz are free and confidential.

We do not provide extended OB/GYN or pre-natal care, birth control prescriptions or devices, fertility testing, abortion services, or referrals for abortion.