Pregnancy Testing 

FREE Pregnancy Testing


If you believe you may be pregnant due to a missed period, positive at-home test, or other early pregnancy signs, the next step is to obtain medical verification of your pregnancy. Echoz provides free pregnancy testing and ultrasound (some restrictions apply) in order to verify pregnancy and determine gestational age.

What to expect during your Pregnancy Testing appointment:


  • A Patient Advocate will walk beside you through your entire appointment.

  • You will meet with our nurse, who will review your complete medical history. The goal of each Echoz' nurse is to learn and understand your complete situation in order to provide you with the highest level of professional medical care.

  • If your pregnancy test is positive, the nurse will offer information regarding all your options.

  • You may be eligible for an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy (some restrictions apply).

  • You will have the opportunity to explore the pros and cons of all your options. Take all the time you need to ask questions, receive answers and learn about the resources available to you.

Schedule your pregnancy test appointment today.