Many women don’t feel like abortion is the right decision for them. If you feel this way, know that it is very normal to feel conflicted over such a big choice. Learning more about your options will give you the confidence to make the right choice.

If you choose not to have an abortion, the options for your pregnancy are adoption and parenting.


Adoption can be a very challenging sacrifice for many women, but it is also steeped in joy.

Adoption has the benefit of being very customizable. You can choose the adoption plan that fits your desires. As a birth mother, you will be given a choice to decide which family raises your child.

You can also choose the form of adoption that appeals to you. Your choices will include the following:

  • Open adoption- work with the adoptive family to decide how much contact you want with your baby and their family. Some women choose this plan if they want their baby to know them personally.
  • Semi-open adoption- This option is for you if you want contact with your child but value your confidentiality. Communication in a semi-open adoption usually occurs through a third party like the adoption agency or an adoption attorney.
  • Closed adoption- this option works for women who want no contact with their baby and want their information to remain confidential. The information about the birth mother will remain sealed.


Maybe you feel like you’re not ready to be a parent, but would you guess many good parents feel that way when faced with pregnancy? If you aren’t sure that you want to parent, ask yourself what would need to change for you to feel ready.

Consider the following:

  • Your support system- Will your partner or family support you with caring for your child?
  • Available resources- Get information about financial and material resources and educational classes so that you can learn to parent.

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