You do not have to tell your partner you want an abortion, but you might want to tell him—especially if you want to stay together.

Here are a few reasons why you might consider telling your partner about wanting an abortion.

1. Healthy Relationships Are Built on Trust.

If you see a future with your partner, you will want to share your true feelings about your pregnancy with him because healthy relationships are built on trust.

Making a significant life decision without telling him could break his trust. It’s important to be open and honest with your partner, even if you think he will disagree or have another opinion.

2. You’re in This Together.

Your pregnancy results from your relationship, which means your decision will impact your partner’s life, too. Because of this, it’s only fair to invite him into the decision-making process.

Again, if you want to continue your relationship, including him will reinforce your relationship instead of weakening it.

3. It Helps Him Support You.

Sharing your true feelings with your partner can invite him to offer emotional support and stand with you during your pregnancy.

As the woman, you have the final say, but your partner can better support you when he understands the current situation and how he can help.

4. He Might Have Another Perspective.

When making any significant life choices, seeking additional perspectives can help you in the decision-making process. Your partner may have different feelings and thoughts about your pregnancy.

While this can seem intimidating, it could also help you view your situation in another light.

5. Challenges Can Bring You Closer.

Challenges and difficulties test your relationship but can ultimately make you stronger.

Navigating the situation together will stretch you both but can make you feel even closer than before because you shared a personal experience.

Safety Considerations

In certain situations, such as an abusive relationship, you may not tell your partner about your pregnancy or the option you’re considering. That’s understandable. It’s important to put your safety first.

If you do decide to tell your partner and you have safety concerns, consider calling them on the phone, telling them in a public setting, or bringing another person with you for support.

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