After Abortion Support

Every woman’s experience following an abortion is unique. Some women may feel relief, some may feel deep sense of loss, and others may feel nothing at all. Many women, no matter what they feel, find it helpful to talk about their abortion experience. Even if you have never shared your secret with anyone, it doesn’t mean you have to sort out your feelings on your own.

You are not alone.

If you have had an abortion (or know someone who has), maybe you have noticed changes emotionally or physically. It is common to feel many things all at once: relief, anger, sadness, and hope may all exist at the same time. These feelings may not show up in the weeks and months after an abortion; they may show up years later. It doesn’t matter if you are 20, 40 or 60+ years old, symptoms are not defined by your age. Working through emotions from the distant past can be overwhelming, confusing and difficult to process.

You are not alone.

We offer post-abortive care in both individual and group settings. If you are concerned about someone finding out about your abortion, we can connect you to help outside your area too. 

Every woman’s abortion experience is different, and every woman has a unique path to healing.

If you are looking for support after an abortion, please contact us.


We are here for you.


You are not alone.

All calls/inquiries are strictly confidential. Contact our post-abortion facilitator today!